• Spiros Minas

Wedding in Serifos, Greece

Let me take you back to 2018, the year Mary and Nick asked me to capture their beautiful wedding in Serifos, Greece.

A few months later, I got the chance to visit them at their cozy home in Amsterdam and shoot them in great places such as the Keukenhof garden.

Two days before the wedding, we partied along with the couple and the guests at Chrysoloras Winery, a really picturesque location on the top of the hill with a great view of the Aegean Sea.

Listening to the song “Con Calma” from dusk till dawn, the day of the wedding came where green earrings, makeup by Maria Antonopoulou emphasising her big brown eyes and a perfect braid by Aggeliki Giannakopoulou adorned Mary’s face beautifully.

The groom wore a classic cypress green suit, always matching his pretty bride.

The blue dome of a small church “Panagia Skopiani”, disappears in the vast of the Aegean Sea, with the beaches of “Platis Gialos” filling harmonically the scenery. Serifos Weddings decorated a perfect landscape using basil plots, local grapes as much as the lemonade and the ginger juice existing to refresh the guests every now and then. Every part of the wedding completing a perfect and unique moment ready to be captured by Pic a Bliss.

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